Multinational Connectivity Solutions Leader | 2016 - now

In my role as Product Development Engineer, I contributed significantly to the design and development of injection-molded parts for CommScope's NOVUX™ product range, which have since been patented and recognized with various awards.

Additionally, I collaborated extensively from within the architecture team on modularity, standardization and data management across the entire R&D department. One of my primary contributions was the creation of a methodology to govern interfaces within a large team, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration throughout the development process.

As part of the 'Engineering Excellence' initiative, I spearheaded the training of over 60 engineers worldwide in a 'Creo Workflow' and the entire deparments "Technical Drafting Procedure". This training not only improved efficiency within the R&D department but also enhanced the quality and success of projects overal.

NOVUX™, revolutionized fiber deployment for communications service providers. By leveraging a modular platform and standardized components, NOVUX™ significantly reduced complexity and accelerates time to market. With 50 times the number of configurations and 75% fewer components compared to traditional systems.

(All images courtesy of CommScope ®)

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