"XYZ" a Fablab showcase by iMAL

Expo Scenograpy| 2020

iMAL commissioned a series of configurable presentation-modules for their 'XYZ-showcase'. I teamed up with an interior designer I like to work with. The goal was to create modular parts that could be easily fabricated and assembled into various presentation configurations, catering to the diverse range of projects presented by FabLab members. To ensure ease of fabrication, the modular elements were designed with a straightforward toolpath for the 3-axis CNC milling machine. (Straight lines, never passing twice over the same line to form multiple parts in one pass, etc...) The choice of using hammered-in pegs allowed members of all backgrounds to assemble their own presentation modules with nothing more than a humble hammer. Additionally, the backplates and tabletops were limited to a predetermined set of rectangles, available in two materials. This design approach not only simplified the fabrication and assembly but also ensured that the materials could be reused for future projects by FabLab members after the expo.

The expo itself


The Making off

It all fits one sheet