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08 STORAGE - Object | Addon for Boxes - Bakrandjes aka Box edges

"These box edges can be assembled around our chosen plastic boxes to easily store and protect them"

• Category: Configurations
• Materials: Reuse of ancient parquet/PLA/ABS/3-6mm multiplex
• Process: CNC-milling, Laser cutting, Molding
• Software: Onshape, NanoCAD, Estl Cam, Kay
• Dimensions : H26 mm x L363 mm X W447.5 mm

The boxes chosen for the project come in 2 sizes. The largest box has a handle blocking the ability to slide them easily on our railsticks. This initial problem generated the idea to develop a universal adaptor aka box-edges. These box edges fit perfectly in the determined pitch between the C-rails of 450mm. The Box edges have a small indent to prevent the hanging box from sifting to much with the danger of falling of the rail stick. The side of the indent is exactly the height of one layer of the laser cut version.

Box edges have the additional benefit of rigidifying the plastic boxes and protecting the fragile corners. Unprotected; these corners often shatter on in pact when not forseen of of box edges. The shape itself is a result of an abstraction of the common denominator-shape of both sizes of boxes, the raw materials and the manufacturing requirements.

The 5 different shapes are reused in a total of 16 parts to achieve the final shape. The sides are divided in 2 identical but rotated assemblies of 3 parts instead of one to limit the amount of “waste” of the parquet. Toolpaths have been heavily optimized to reduce cycle time.

This product is prepared by us to be:
      Laser cut

      Onshape Document
      File Repository

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The end result

Assembly steps

Manufacturing options